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Teton Valley
The Teton Peaks and the Teton Valley have been an integral part of our ranch and our lives for five generation. Our great-great grandfather homesteaded in the shadow of the Tetons over 120 years ago and we have remained in their shadow ever since.
Winter comes early to the Teton Basin. The fresh snow blankets the valley with a gentle white coziness. The sheep, heavy with snow, dig at the frosty ground searching for the last taste of fall forage as the shepherd warms himself in the small sheep camp. The majestic Teton Peaks tower over this tranquil scene of early winter in the Teton Valley just as they did 120 years ago.
Our limited edition 50x72 Teton Valley jacquard wool throw is proudly produced by the ewes that graze in this beautiful valley. Cost $150. Colors brown/natural or pewter/natural.

Juniper Mountain
This richly detail, 50 x72 inch jacquard woven blanket, is made exclusively of wool grown on our historic Idaho sheep ranch. This limited design blanket features majestic elk and bison. The Juniper Mountain area is the heart of our ranch, providing lush range for our sheep and excellent habitat for elk and bison. The landscape of big sage, juniper, chokecherry, and quaking aspen, framed by the Teton Peaks and the Centennial Mountain, is home to an abundance of wildlife. The clear open skies, the occasional dot of a sheep camp, and the distance bugle of a bull elk are all part of Juniper Mountain. The design is available in two colors; natural un-dyed wool with cocoa brown dye for contrast, or camel and dark brown. The price is $150.00.

Seasonal Trade Blankets (Sold Out)
Our 90 x 100 frontier trade blankets are inspired by seasonal changes on our sheep ranch. The trade blanket is a traditional design made popular by the Hudson Bay Company in the nineteenth century. Trade blankets were used throughout the frontiers of the United States and Canada as a means of currency. The Siddoway Wool Company adopted this traditional design to its own purposes. The ivory colored background is natural, un-dyed wool. The stripes are dyed to represent the seasonal colors of our sheep range. The blankets fit both queen and king size beds, are 100 % pure soft natural wool from our own sheep and finished with felt binding. The price of our Seasonal Trade blankets is $150.00

Emma & Honey Sue

Fall Trade Blanket (Sold Out)
As the evening temperature cools and the chill of autumn bites the air, the ewes and lambs descend the high Rocky Mountain Range to shipping points below. The ewes move quickly instinctively knowing of the green alfalfa pastures that wait in the valley. The lambs are fat with lanolin rich wool that casts a yellow hue from the summer's abundant feed. Mother Nature flaunts her magnificient colors in this fall exhibition as the chill of winter beckons nearby and the sheep flee the high mountain range. The mountain leaves are brilliant in their colorful display; the aspen trees are golden, the mountain ash a crimson red, balsam pine and Douglas fir a pine green and the chokecherry bushes a rich brown. This glorious composition is the framework of our fall trade blanket.

Fall Trade Blanket SOLD OUT

Winter Trade Blanket (Sold Out)
Lambs on the Siddoway ranch are born in the winter. Ewes with full bellies are grouped in the drop corral where they are monitored closely both day and night. Once a lamb drops, the ewe and her lamb are loaded in the granny wagon and taken to a jug - an individual indoor pen where the ewe and her lamb will learn to suckle and bond. After a few days in the jug, the ewe and lamb are moved to a ten pen - large enough for ten ewes and their lambs. In the ten pen, the lambs will begin socializing in small groups. Then, in a few weeks, they will move to a hundred pen. When ten of the hundred pens are filled, the ewes and lambs are released as one band or herd. And this is the scene that inspired the winter trade blanket. As one such herd joined together for the first time, the sun, setting in the evening sky cast a pale pink light across a wide blue sky. In the foreground, the clean wool of ewes and newborn lambs made the shadow-covered snow appear silver in contrast. The colors of sky and snow upon the wool form the design of the winter trade blanket.

Winter Trade Blanket $150

Spring Trade Blanket (Sold Out)
In the spring, the sheep set out on sagebrush range, chasing the snowline toward the high mountain country. From April to June, the sheep migrate from the Arco desert to the base of the Tetons. The landscape is dominated by sagebrush, with its fresh blue-green leaves. As snow melts, it reveal the wild oats, ryes, and wheat of the previous year bleached pale yellow by the snow and sun, hiding the new growth on the ground below. The green grasses of summer are not yet apparent, and bare patches of soil and sage bark add a dreary, yet hopeful, cast of taupe to the landscape. These colors, of past growth and promise form the design of the spring trade blanket.

Spring Trade Blanket $150

Summer Trade Blanket (Sold Out)
As temperatures warm and spring rains come to an end the ewes depart their range on Big Grassy and Juniper Mountain to begin their annual trek to the high summer range. With bleating lambs at their side the ewes head east past Newdale to the Targhee Forest boundary over the sheep trail past Thousand Springs on to their summer homes: Corral Canyon, Rainey Creek, Piney Pass, Palisades, Dog Creek, Indian Creek, Burbank, and Austin Canyon. Sheepherders, border collies, Great Pyrenees guard dogs and seasoned horses press the herds forward to the high summer range just as they have done for over a 100 years. The Aspen tree carvings bear witness to generations of herders and campjacks with reminders of summer days long ago. The mountain slopes are radiant with the brilliant colors of Rocky Mountain wild flowers: Indian paintbrush, "old-man-of-the-mountains", broad leaf and dock. These colors of nature's renaissance are woven into our summer trade blanket.
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